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Welcome to your Austin Moss Creations design journey!

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2400 E Cesar Chavez St., Unit 206
Austin, TX 78702
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Thank you for choosing Austin Moss Creations – your personal gateway to turning those walls into fabulous moss masterpieces! 📷

Here’s the lowdown on how we transform your space into a lush paradise, in just three snappy steps:


Inspiration and Consultation

First up, take a wild ride through our website and Instagram for a splash of inspiration. Found something that tickles your fancy? Great! Screenshot it, bookmark it, or tattoo it on your soul (just kidding about the tattoo part… or are we?). Keep those ideas handy for our chat – it’s where we dish about your ideas, dimensions, style preferences, and all the nitty-gritty details of your space.


Customization and Quotation

Post-chat, we'll whip up a proposal that aligns with your vision, including style options, materials, and an estimated timeline tailored to the complexity and size of your project. Expect a detailed quote that encompasses everything from design to delivery, ensuring transparency and alignment with your expectations.


Magic Happens & Installation Celebration

Once we’re aligned on the scope of your design and the deposit (50%) has been paid, we’ll kick off the meticulous process of bringing your moss creation to life.
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and sustainable practices. We keep you in the loop as your piece comes to life, leading up to the exciting day when your moss art is ready for installation, transforming your space into a serene, green haven.

Communication is our jam, and we’re here to make this journey smoother than a river stone polished by time. Your happiness and bringing a slice of the great outdoors indoors are what we live for!

So, let’s get this green party started!
Looking forward to it!
Mary and The AMC Team

P.S. Have any questions or need to adjust your design consultation time? Just let us know! We’re easy!