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Mary Cowger,
the artist

About 5 years ago a dear friend of mine called in tears because her son had just been diagnosed with autism. As a mom and friend I wanted to do anything I could to help. Her pediatrician suggested that exposer to anything tactile, such as kinetic sand, marbles etc. would be helpful. As it turned out moss was also on that list. Not only did I feel grateful for finding something, however small, that could possibly help her sons illness, I also found the concept and beauty of having mother nature within my reach incredibly soothing and well… natural.
So started my journey down the creation of my own Moss walls and eventually Austin Moss Creations.
I have had the amazing opportunity to meet other artists who enjoy this type of work and each have helped me in my journey to discovering a passion that I absolutely love. When I’m not taking care of my two sons you will find me in my studio, blasting music and painting the world green, one moss wall at a time.

Meet the team

Our work is not just about making something aesthetically beautiful, it's about providing a sustainable connection to our roots, Mother Nature.

Frequently asked questions

Are your moss walls living?
We work exclusively with preserved plants that are harvested at peak freshness and meticulously preserved using glycerin (vegetable oil) and food coloring. What this means is that the material we design with, be it moss, fern, or other floral/foliage, are real but no longer living and growing. This allows you to enjoy the beauty of these natural elements, without the hassle and expense of regular maintenance.
What are the benefits of choosing preserved over living walls?
COST Cost depends on several factors: Design, moss species, framed vs. borderless, logo etc. Our designs start at $200 per square foot. Keep in mind buying a preserved moss wall is a one-time expense and you can expect your moss wall to last 10+ years with no maintenance involved. In contrast, a living wall - per square foot, you can expect to pay $195 - $265 (pricing may vary) for the initial installation of a living wall. In addition you have the monthly maintenance cost, which for a large office building or hotel can average $500. Living walls require ongoing maintenance and are completely dependent on the proper environment to survive. Living walls require: a light source, irrigation, trimming, pruning, replacement of dead plants, possible mold remediation, fertilizer, etc. to survive. Over a 5 year period this can run close to $50,000. Discover more

MENTAL HEALTH A Harvard study found that when we work in green-certified offices, we get a 26% boost in cognition, and 30% fewer sickness related absences.  What's more, respondents also reported a 6% rise in their sleep quality.A Exeter University study found that employees were 15% more productive when working in a 'green' office than their peers in more spartan environments. Discover more
While moss doesn’t have roots, once preserved, it will continue to draw moisture and airborne particles (including dust) out of the air.  Moss walls can therefore contribute to cleaning indoor air naturally in a sustainable and far more economical way than air purifiers and ventilators.

AIR QUALITY While moss doesn’t have roots, once preserved, it will continue to draw moisture and airborne particles (including dust) out of the air.  Moss walls can therefore contribute to cleaning indoor air naturally in a sustainable and far more economical way than air purifiers and ventilators. Discover more
How can I maximize the life of my moss art?
All of our moss walls are maintenance free and can last 10+ years provided they are not exposed to moisture or direct sunlight. Preserved moss walls are to be enjoyed indoors only.  Some additional steps you can take that will allow your wall to look its absolute best include: Keep out of direct sunlight to preserve the color. Indirect sunlight it fine. Try to keep your moss wall away from heater and AC vents – moss thrives in a more humid environment and close proximity to these units can dry them out. Unlike artificial plants, preserved moss does not have static so dust is minimal, but you can consider an occasional dusting with a compressed air can or blow drier (cool setting) if needed.
How do I hang my moss art?
We offer an optional service of having your piece professionally hung for you! If your art is small, you can simply hang it as you would any other wall décor. If it involves a tough to reach display area, or it is a large design, we highly recommend leaving it to us to organize the installation for you!
What is the process of creating a custom piece?
Reach out to us at mary@austinmosscreations.com to book your initial consultation. During your consultation we will discuss the style and scale for your custom piece, frame options, space considerations (outlets, light switches, etc.) and timeline. Within a week following your consultation, you will receive a quote which will include cost, approximate completion date and a thorough breakdown of your design.We will send you an invoice. Upon receiving your 50% deposit, we will begin production on your piece!
Where does your moss, along with your other supplies, come from?
We pride ourselves in keeping our entire business operation as local as possible. When it comes to sourcing our moss, we lean on North American suppliers to minimize our environmental footprint. The exact location we source our preserved products varies slightly depending on the season and moss variety, as our goal is also to get you the best product! When it comes to the other elements of our work – we work closely with our trusted local contractors for custom wood frames, logos, lettering, neon signs, and everything else that goes into making your design.
Mary Cowger